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The Character of Laertes in Hamlet Essay -- GCSE English Literature Cou

The Character of Laertes in Hamlet In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, the character of Laertes is presented as the child of Polonius.  Laertes is quickly settled as a most loved with the King. Mists alludes to the youngster multiple times by name and promptly allows him authorization to come back to his investigations in Paris, in the event that he has his dad's consent. Accordingly we are set up for their later slippery collusion. In this scene too Laertes' relationship with his dad is outwardly settled by both showing up in front of an audience together, despite the fact that they don't address one another. A complexity is likewise settled in this scene among Laertes and Prince Hamlet. One appreciates the King's kindness and is promptly allowed to continue his investigations in Paris; different doesn't and isn't permitted to continue his examinations in Wittenberg. This situational complexity will later be formed into an ethical one. On his second, and last, appearance before he leaves, Laertes offers his sister Ophelia moral guidance about her relationship with Hamlet. He talks negatively about the 'frivolous of his kindness', something that won't last 'A violet in the young people of primy nature, Forward, not changeless, sweet, not enduring, The fragrance and suppliance of a moment, No more.' He additionally proposes that regardless of whether Hamlet does truly adore her, as beneficiary to the seat of Denmark he isn't allowed to pick his own better half. At long last he cautions her not to give up her virginity to his 'unmaster'd insistence'. Laertes' anxiety here is by all accounts not with his sister's sentiments however with her respect (notoriety) and by suggestion, that of the family. Ophelia's vivacious reaction 'In any case, great my sibling, Do not as some ungracious ministers do, Show me the precarious and prickly approach to hurl... ...mode, Frank. Hamlet. The Riverside Shakespeare. Ed. G. Blakemore Evans. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1974. Mack, Maynard. The World of Hamlet. Yale Review. vol. 41 (1952) p. 502-23. Rpt. in Shakespeare: Modern Essays in Criticism. Fire up. ed. Ed. Leonard F. Senior member. New York: Oxford University P., 1967. Rosenberg, Marvin. Laertes: An Impulsive yet Earnest Young Aristocrat. Readings on Hamlet. Ed. Wear Nardo. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1999. Rpt. from The Masks of Hamlet. Newark, NJ: Univ. of Delaware P., 1992. Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1995. Ward and Trent, et al. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1907-21; New York:, 2000

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Transition Words in Essay Writing

Transition Words in Essay WritingTransition words in essay writing can be tricky. A transition word can turn a boring sentence into something exciting and interesting. In fact, the right words can change a boring essay into an exciting one.The trick to transition words is to use them throughout your essay. Use one at the beginning of your sentences, one at the end of your sentences, and one to describe your main idea. This will help make your essay more interesting and more likely to be read.You should try to have a few words that transition into the next line. For example, I sometimes use the word 'also' in a sentence. Instead of writing 'also it was cold,' I would write 'Also it was cold.' If you keep in mind that your sentence starts with a word that transitions into the next line, then you will have less trouble remembering the words. Your transitions will actually become part of the sentence!It can be hard to remember all of the words, so find one that you can use quite often. U se it in the beginning of a sentence and use it in the end of a sentence. Make sure it describes the main idea of your essay. Also try to keep your transitions short and simple. Some people may take two seconds to notice a word, but you should be able to get by without those unless they are very important.Using transitional words is a good way to make your essay stand out from the others. Some students give up on writing essays because they don't have enough words to describe their ideas or the reader's attention. Use transition words in essay writing, to add variety and excitement to your essay. Your essay will be better and more interesting if your transitions are lively and stimulating.Your transition words should also be clear. Try to think of words that are common to a variety of usages, but do not necessarily describe the same thing. For example, the word 'even' is used as a prefix when describing times and is used in a sentence as a filler. The word 'several' is used in a sen tence to end a sentence. As you can see, these words are used in different contexts.Your transition words should also relate to your topic. Think about how words relate to what you are writing about. You can add a connection by saying words like 'or,' 'but,' and 'yet.' Be sure to make a strong connection between your transition words and your main idea.A word of caution, though: You should not make it difficult for yourself to come up with good ideas. Sometimes students try to force the transitions they want, but it's counterproductive. Keep the transitions simple and stick to a single idea for each sentence. Your readers will appreciate this and it will improve your essay in general.

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Development of Classical States and Empires

Contrasts of Africa's civic establishments: a. Little districts of Mediterranean culture in N. what's more, S. limits, enormous deserts (Sahara, Kalahari), bigger locales of savanna prairies, tropical downpour woods in landmass' inside, good countries + mountains in E. Africa iii. One unmistakable ecological component: cut up by equator = generally tropical of the world's three supercontinents a. Tenacious warm temp. = quick disintegration ot vege table issue (humus) = more unfortunate and less ripe soils and less beneficial horticulture than in more emperate Eurasia + produced illness conveying creepy crawlies/parasites ‘v. Highlight: vicinity to Eurasia a. Permitted portions of Africa to interface w/Eurasian civic establishments b. N.Africa fused into Roman Empire, created wheat/olives w/slave work, Christianity spread broadly popular saints c. Holy person Augustine: scholar d. Christian confidence discovered increasingly changeless a dependable balance in present-day Ethiopi a v. Arabia † another purpose of contact w/bigger world v'. Tamed camel = migrant peaceful lifestyle; later, made trans-Saharan business conceivable (connected W. Africa 0 Med. Human advancements) vii. Over hundreds of years, E. African coast = port of call for Egyptian, Roman, Arab dealers = became vital piece of Indian Ocean exchanging systems viii. Outside associations + inside advancement of African social orders created examples of progress during traditional time A.Geez: language utilized @court, in towns, for business; written in content got from S. Arabia c. Proportion of ctrl over for the most part Agaw-talking ppl of nation through free managerial structure †tribute installments d. Romans P Axum † third significant domain after own and Persian ‘v. Acquainted with Christianity through associations with Red Sea exchange + Roman world (Egypt) v. Ruler Ezana: ruler of fourth century (when Christianity was presented), embraced Christianity (same time as C onstantine in Roman) v'. Mounted battle of royal development across Red Sea 0 Yemen in S. Arabia vii. Decay: ecological changes (soil fatigue, disintegration, deforestation realized serious cultivating) viii.Rise of Islam 0 modified exchange courses, decreased income accessible to Axumite state, developed Christian church (present-day Ethiopia) ‘x. Meroe + Axum resembled for littler scope significant highlights of old style civ. Of Eurasia: significant distance exchanging associations, urban focuses, brought together states, complex social orders, amazing design, composed language, majestic desire, direct contact w/Med. developments II. Along the Niger River: Cities without States Urbanization in center stretches of Niger R. in W. Africa Growing #s of ppl from S. Sahara into rich floodplain of center Niger looking for access to water w/tamed dairy cattle, sheep, goats, farming aptitudes, ironworking tech.Ppl made particular city-based human advancement Oenne-Jeno) No majestic framework No brought together political structure â€Å"cities w/o citadels† Emerged as bunches of financially specific settlements encompassing a bigger focal town Earliest + most renowned specific occupation = iron smithing Roderick McIntosh: classicist, driving fgure in uncovering of Jenne-Jero Villages of otton weavers, potters, cowhide laborers, griots developed around penny. Towns Occupational positions (passed Jobs/abilities to youngsters, could just wed inside own gathering) Farmers worked soil, raised animals, specialization in cultivating †angling, rice development Growing system of indigenous W.African trade Middle Niger flood-plain bolstered rich agribusiness and had mud for earthenware, needed stone, iron, metal, salt, fuel Ghana, Mali, Songhai †W. Africa Ill. South of the Equator: The World of Bantu Africa I. Most critical improvement included quickening development of Bantu-talking ppls into tremendous subcontinent I'. Bean from country district (pres ent-day SE. Nigeria + Cameroons) iii. Bantu extension †sluggish development of people groups brought to Africa south of equator proportion of social and etymological shared characteristic, stamping it as a particular area of the mainland A. Social Encounters ‘v. Preferences: a. as farming created progressively gainful economy 0 bigger #s to live in littler zone b.Farmers brought both parasitic and irresistible infections (to which rummaging individuals had little invulnerability) c. Iron, apparatuses/weapons v. Kalahari districts of SW. Africa and barely any spots in E. Africa, assembling and chasing urvived, (for example, San) vi. In downpour timberland area of Central Africa, searching Batwa (Pygmy) = â€Å"forest specialists† 0 nectar, wild game, elephant items, creature skins, therapeutic barks and plants vii. Received Bantu dialects viii. In drier env

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A Movement Holy Yoga - Free Essay Example

Holy yoga is a movement that combines exercise with Christian practices. In its core, it attempts to adopt the spiritual content of Yoga to a Christian worldview. Although the practice was initially conducted in the Catholic tradition, it has penetrated into evangelical churches. To understand the nature of holy yoga, I will present the past interview that was attended by Halima Isu, Zoe Shiparski, and Holly Flaig. The interviewees are students from Miami University, who attended a past holy yoga event at the college premises. When asked about the the date and time when the event took place, Halima Isu answered that the holy yoga took place on 24th October, 2018 as from 6.00 p.m. The answer was approved by the other interviewee, who nodded their heads with approval. The question about the venue of the event was answered by Zoe Shiparski who indicated that the holy yoga took place at Sesquicentennial Chapel, a dedicated house of prayer that is situated at the premises of Miami University. When asked about the reason why they attended the holy yoga, the interviewees gave different answers. To begin with, Halima Isu indicated that she attended the event due to the influence of her peers. Being a popular occasion at the university, I was motivated by pleasant stories from my friends, especially those who are regular members of holy yoga. Thus, I attended the function because I was moved by the des ire to know what happens at a holy yoga event She further added that she was motivated by the desire to know how yoga can be holy. According to Zoe Shiparski, the drive to attend the event was based on the desire to enhance her physical and spiritual fitness. She clarified that the exercises build strength, endurance, and flexibility. Holy yoga has been beneficial to me, especially during my time of distress. The exercise helps in managing and controlling stress. Moreover, holy yoga has helped me to acquire a deeper knowledge of the self and a fervent faith in God, Shiparski said. From the answers of Holly Flaig, it was evident that holy yoga can be addictive. The participant narrated how she has been a regular attendant of the exercise. It was interesting to note that the interviewee can become sick if she fails to attend the holy yoga. She also said that she liked the exercise because it could help her to deepen her faith in God. She added the exercise has enabled me to acquire a deep knowledge of the self, hence uniting my b ody with the spirit. Besides, the exercise has helped me to control my weight and have a deeper knowledge and control of the self. On the issue of how the exercise was conducted, Halima Isu revealed that the event took place in a silent room. It was clear that before they began the exercise, the instructor asked them to remove their shoe, change their attire, and switch off the phones. After choosing our favorite yoga style, we warmed up, and stretched as we controlled our breathing. We did the exercise several times with the aid of the instructor. We stretched our muscles as we breathed in and out,Zoe Shiparski added. Holly Flaigconcluded that during the whole session, Christian music played as they chanted religious songs and recited biblical verses. Eventually, we relaxed with Savasana as we contemplated the enriching experience, she said.

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Lack of Morality in War Depicted in Tim OBriens The...

Tim O’Brien’s book â€Å"The Things They Carried† epitomizes the degradation of morals that war produces. This interpretation is personified in the characters who gradually blur the line dividing right and wrong as the motives for war itself become unclear. The morality of soldiers and the purpose of war are tied also to the truth the soldiers must tell themselves in order to participate in the gruesome and random killing which is falsely justified by the U.S government. The lack of purpose in the Vietnam War permanently altered the soldier’s perspective of how to react to situations and in most cases they turned to violence to express their frustration. The men’s mission was plainly described by O’Brien, stating â€Å"If you weren’t humping, you†¦show more content†¦Though the men reacted in violent ways in different situations, O’Brian’s violent act was something that stayed with him for the rest of his life and completely changed who he was as a person. â€Å"The Man I Killed† describes in detail the man and his life Tim O’Brien killed on a path in the jungle, even though he obviously did not know the man’s personal background, but mimicked it after his own. This description shows O’Brien’s life came to an end at his first act of violence, mirrored in the loss of the man’s life. After O’Brien’s incident on the pathway, he became cold and exemplified this new disposition after Jorgenson almost allowed O’Brien to die from a bullet wound, and in turn O’Brien needed pay back by scaring him in the middle of the night. The war may have physically killed many, but in this sense it damaged every soldier mentally. When truth became distorted by the ambiguous or absent motive for war, the soldiers needed to make up their own truths in order to keep sane enough to live through the senselessness and fear. Along with the fact that O’Brien’s boyhood died after killing the man in the path, his conception of truth died as well. He examines this fact when his daughter Kathleen asks him, â€Å"Daddy tell the truth, did you ever kill anybody?† and O’Brien ponders this stating, â€Å"And I can say, honestly, ‘Of course not.’ Or I canShow MoreRelatedThe Things They Carried by Tim OBrien793 Words   |  3 Pagesthe novel, The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien there is an ambiguity assigned to the life of a soldier in the Vietnam war, an ambiguity that represents no clear moral victor, no clear heroes, and seemingly no end. In the movie, Platoon, written and directed by Oliver Stone, the same ambiguity is depicted, with no clear moral direction, no clear h eroes, and no clear resolution. In the short story, â€Å"How to Tell a True War Story,† O’Brien talks in great detail about how a true war story, and not

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Essay MM Project 4 - 1415 Words

Strayer University Math 300 MM Project PT 4 August 14, 2011 Solution: We want to test the following null and alternative hypotheses We need to use the z-statistic, which is calculated using Observe that the sample proportion is This corresponds to a two-tailed z-test for proportions. The z-statistics is computed by the following formula: The critical value for for this two-tailed test is. The rejection region is given by Since, then we reject the null hypothesis H0. Hence, we have enough evidence to reject the claim that the true proportion of blue Mamp;Ms ® candies is 0.24. 3 pts. Test their claim that the true proportion of orange Mamp;Ms ® candies is 0.20 at the†¦show more content†¦3 pts. Test their claim that the true proportion of yellow Mamp;Ms ® candies is 0.14 at the 0.05 significance level. Solution: We need to test the following hypotheses We need to use the z-statistic, which is computed using Observe that the sample proportion is This corresponds to a two-tailed z-test for proportions. The z-statistics is given by the following formula: The critical value for for this two-tailed test is. The rejection region is given by Since, then we reject the null hypothesis H0. Hence, we have enough evidence to reject the claim that the true proportion of yellow Mamp;Ms candies is 0.14. 3 pts. Test their claim that the true proportion of red Mamp;Ms ® candies is 0.13 at the 0.05 significance level. Solution: We are interested in testing the following hypotheses We need to use the z-statistic, which is calculated using Observe that the sample proportion is This corresponds to a two-tailed z-test for proportions. The z-statistics is given by the following formula: The critical value for for this two-tailed test is. The rejection region is given by Since, then we fail to reject the null hypothesis H0. Hence, we dont have enough evidence to reject the claim the true proportion of red Mamp;Ms candies is 0.13. 3 pts. Test their claim that the true proportion of brownShow MoreRelatedDummy Stress Management Paper1370 Words   |  6 Pages4/3/13 STRESS M ANAGEM ENT | PROJECT ON STRESS M ANAGEM ENT | M BA PROJECT ON STRESS M ANAGEM ENT | HR PROJECT ON STRESS M †¦ Ads by Google ââ€" º Stres s ââ€" º MBA Degree ââ€" º MBA in It ââ€" º HR Servic es PROJECT ON STRESS MANAGEMENT CAUSES OF STRESS Society the working world and daily life have changed almost beyond recognition in the past 50 years. These changes have contributed to a major increase in stress. Stress is caused from both outside inside the organization from groupsRead MoreScope Statement For Sustainable Solar Toy Car Project1256 Words   |  6 PagesScope Statement for Sustainable Solar Toy Car Project Project Scope: Enough for everyone, forever. These words resonate with the ideas of limited resources, responsible consumption, equality and equity and a long-term perspective, all of them corresponding to important concepts of sustainable development (Coelho, D., Fernandes, S. (2013), Sustainable development includes addressing present needs without trading off the capacity of future generations to additionally meet theirs. The early childhoodRead MoreMM: Project Report788 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿MM ® Project Report Figure 1 - MM Brand Characters (Norm, 2010) Contents Introduction: Purpose of Report 3 Project Part 1: Sampling Method 3 Project Part 2: Method, Analysis, Results 3 Project Part 3: Method, Analysis, Results 3 Project Part 4: Method, Analysis, Results 3 Project Part 5: Method, Analysis, Results 4 Conclusion 4 Introduction: Purpose of Report Purpose This analysis was conducted to investigate various aspects that relate to MM candies, their production, andRead MoreMidland Energy Resources1118 Words   |  5 PagesRefining Marketing (RM) and Petrochemicals. Capital budgeting at Midland is done using discounted cash flow method and weighted average cost of capital (rwacc). Corporate Weighted Average Cost of Capital, rwacc The primary use of the corporate rwacc is valuation (TV=FCF/(rwacc-g)). While the rwacc may be used for evaluating internal projects, the usage will be incorrect owing to the fact that the risk-return profile, debt structure and credit rating of individual projects/departments may be differentRead MoreThe Investment Detective876 Words   |  4 Pagesconsidering investments in the eight projects listed in Exhibit 1. The chief financial officer of your company has asked you to rank the projects and recommend the â€Å"four best† that the company should accept. Part I For the first part of this assignment only quantitative considerations are relevant. No other project characteristics are deciding factors in the selection, except that management has determined that projects 7 and 8 are mutually exclusive. All projects require the same initial investmentRead MoreEconomics - Macro Exam Notes1305 Words   |  6 PagesPrices of hot sandwiches and cold sandwiches are represented by ph and pc. Jennifer s weekly lunch income is m. A) (5 marks) Find Jennifer s weekly demand for hot sandwiches. Answer: MRS=- MUc/MUh=-4h/c. (2 marks) Optimality condition: MRS=- pc/ph. -- -4h/c=pc/ph. (1 mark) Substituting this expression into the budget constraint pcc+phh=m, you will find: c=4/5*m/pc, h=1/5*m/ph. (2 marks) B) (5 marks) Jennifer works in an office building with 399 other people who each have the sameRead MoreRisk Management Requires Thorough Analysis Essay1452 Words   |  6 Pagesmanagement requires thorough analysis, rating, ranking, and mitigation documentation. To do proper risk rating and ranking, a rating matrix needs to be defined. The rating matrix used by Project Pluto is included below. Risk Determination Documented risks are rated by likelihood of occurrence and impact to the project. The factors below define the overall risk ranking. Table A documents the criteria used in determining overall risk ratings. Table A: Risk Rating Matrix Risk Likelihood Risk Impact LowRead Moreenergygel casereport1686 Words   |  7 Pagesthat the company should not invest in the energy gel project. We came to this conclusion after amending the existing capital budgeting process, and assessing the opinions of Harry Wickler, Mark Leiter, and Frank Nanzen in how to evaluate the project. The capital budget process in place is to use the payback period and return on invested capital (ROIC) for the project. The payback period criterion is a flawed way to determine the value of the project because it does not take into account cash flows afterRead MoreDells Product Development Process1424 Words   |  6 Pagesreturn $584 M in net margin. If the technology is not successful, net margins drop to $234.5 M as significant rework would be required adding to the schedule and cost of product development. In addition, unit sales would be reduced by 4% for every month of delay. This option represents the greatest risk vs reward as you will see that other options either have no risk associated with them (Option 1) or have much less variance in the return differences between success or failure of the project (OptionRead MoreSample Question of Fin1101219 Words   |  5 Pagesmanagement of companies D The banking system 3. A savings-surplus unit is one: A that needs to borrow funds from a surplus unit B whose income exceeds its spending C whose spending exceeds its income D that generally is a company 4. A _______ is a financial intermediary that receives premium payments that are used to purchase assets to cover future possible payments. A building society B credit union C savings bank D life insurance office 5. Financial markets:

Financial Accounting Complex Working Mechanism

Question: Describe about the Financial Accounting for Complex Working Mechanism. Answer: Introduction The modern world as we know it is full of competitive organizations based on complex working mechanism and this requires the use of extensive machinery and use of capitals from the entrepreneur and the market. Every organization working in an economic environment involves the use of assets and liabilities, and a proper balance of these two traits is useful for efficient working of an industry. If there is an imbalance in these to accounts, it results in a drop in the value of the organization. Every industry needs to maintain its assets more than its liabilities to active in the market and keep profit because very firm enters into the market to earn a profit. This assignment is based on the case study of the three companies, namely HIH Insurance, ABC Learning and One Tel company. These industries are few examples of Australian companies, which have gone into liquidation due to incapability to meet their liabilities (Thai, 2013). This assignment evaluates the reasons behind the liquidation of these businesses and the corporate governance and the ethics of these industries and their demerits, which led to the liquidation of these organizations. The study also verifies whether an inability to pay off the liabilities was a major issue behind the liquidation of these industries. Analysis The following assignment in detail deals with the assessment of HIH insurance, ABC Learning, and One Tel company in detail discussing them and their ethics and governance. The discussion and the assessment of these organizations are as follows: HIH Insurance HIH insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance company in Australia which was established in 1968 and till then it has been growing since. But on 15th March 2001, the company went into provisional liquidation because it was incapable to pay off its debts on time. The collapse of this firm was one of the largest falls in the corporate history of Australia. This fall led to an adverse effect on the society, and the consumers were in a dilemma to invest in the company. From audits point of view, the collapse of this organization was due to the financial stress of the firm, which occurred due to lack of corporate governance practice and having a poor framework for ethics and governance. The main reason for the fall of this company in the financial perspective was due to the inability for the industry to pay off claims of its policyholders and other loans taken by them. The finance resource management of the company was indigent which led to a weak cash position of the company, whi ch was one of the due reasons for the collapse of the company. We all know that every organization entering a market has the ultimate goal of earning a profit in the long run just to survive in the business. So the cash position of any company will determine the financial and operating policies of the organization. Thus to analyze the problem of HIH insurance it is evident to evaluate the operating and the financial activities to determine the true reason for its liquidation (Phillips, 2013). The liquidation of this company resulted in the establishment of a Royal Commission which was asked to look at the grounds for the collapse of the organization. The results obtained by this commission made adverse reforms in the corporate laws of Australia. The industry having such a remarkable ethics and governance could fall so rapidly was a question to everyone. The report provided that the collapse of the sector was due to arrogance and self-pride and due to an inadequate supervision and lack of system rather than any fraud in the framework. It was discovered that some management employees neglected their duties, and so they were suspended from any involvement in the company indefinitely along with financial penalties. The company was thought to be an organization with a traditional corporate culture and thus a collapse of the organization due to weak ethics and governance came out as a surprise for everyone. The company was run by an appealing and controlling CEO who always undertook practices of high risk in the competitive markets to earn high revenue and establish its organization as one of the leaders in the insurance industry. Few members of the board of directors of the company were partners of the firm run by the auditor, and thus these directors did not have freedom to take decisions themselves. The other leaders of the industry complained that they were misled about the actual financial position of the company. The industry had an attacking accusation strategy, and thus, there grew a conflict between maximizing profit and adhering to a proper corporate governance. The reason for the bankruptcy of the organization was also found out to be a collision between the entrepreneurs, managers, an d debtors inside the organization. A balance between the stockholder and the debtors is necessary to maintain the value of the company and for this purpose, corporate governance is a key factor. Thus the liquidation of the industry is due in large part to the faulty corporate governance of the organization. According to Johnston and Too (2015), the company had a false outlook showing everyone that they progressed according to a structured ethics and corporate governance whereas they had a faulty management framework which led to the collapse of the industry so rapidly. The commission after a series of investigation recommended a lot of governance changes which resulted in the creation of corporate governance principles which would guide all the organizations in Australia. The commission also realized that a good corporate governance is achievable through a mixture of regulatory action, application of company codes of governance and ethics and the method of best practice in the organization. Thus it has been found out he reason for financial stress for HIH insurance company was mainly due to a faulty corporate and ethics governance, which at last led to the liquidation of the enterprise. One Tel phone company One Tel phone company was one of the leaders in the telecommunication sectors of Australia. The industry was founded in 1995 after the deregulation of the telecom sectors in Australia. The industry created a youth based image to market their product of phone and internet services. But later in 1999, this industry also started to face problems like HIH insurance and the problems which led to their liquidation was also due to an inefficient corporate governance system. The company was in operation in across seven countries when the industry fell with annual sales of around AU$ 650 million approx. The company was in a safe financial condition, but the only problem within the organization was their inadequate governance structure. The two CEOs of this organization had an immense authority over the board of directors that the organization never had a constant Chairman in position, which leads to an ad hoc based Chairman which was held by the CEO s or the executive directors according to the situation. The non-executive directors were free from supervision, which led to the lapse in the management system. Such mistakes led to weak corporate governance and wrong auditing practices because the executive directors and the CEO controlled all of these (Durie, 2013). Thus, One Tel broke down due to a large number of failures in the corporate governance. The primary reason behind this breakdown was due to extreme power and authority of the CEOs over the powerless board of directors, which meant that the decisions and policies taken by them were ultimate. Such a situation meant that the board of directors became inefficient and reduced their capacity to render efficient and supervision and control over the lower level management and the employees. The second reason behind One Tels demise was the inability of the investors of the organization who were reluctant to look in to the operations of the management and were entirely dependent on the decisions of the CEOs and the directors which overlooked the actual financial condition of the organization. The third reason for the decline of this organization was the inefficiency of the non-executive directors of the organization as they had a close relation with the CEOs, which prompted them from working a ccording to the ethics of the organization. The non-executive directors avoided their responsibilities because they knew all the decisions would be taken by the CEOs. The auditor of the company had a conflicting interest with the board of directors, which was negotiated with the arrangement of non-audit services of the industry. Lastly, the Chair of the board of directors was dependent and thus an adequate supervision of the management control and conduct of the agenda of the board of directors was not possible. Thus from the above analysis, it is clear that the reason for a liquidation of this organization was mainly due to the faulty ethics and corporate governance framework and did not include any liability issue. ABC Learning ABC Learning was a daycare school situated in Australia with the primary motive to provide training, learning and proper monitoring of infants in the pre school age. ABC Learning was established in the year 1988 and soon became the largest day care center all over the country. The day care school operated in the form of an organization and maintained a corporate management system, which led to the growth of the organization in a short period. The growth was visible from later 90s and the organization had more than eighteen centers whole over the country. The company grew more and more in the later years, and this resulted in an immense increase in the price of the shares in the stock market. Every organization goes through highs and lows in the span of business, and so ABC Learning's fortune started fluctuating and started facing trouble. Out of all the reasons, some of the reasons were due to mismanagement of the organization internally. An improper management and corporate governance are one of the main grounds for the downfall of the business. The rise of the organization was generally due to the standard of education provided by the other institutions to the children. The rule of maintaining a proper ratio of student to teacher was not supported because this would lead to a fall in the profit of the organizations. The standard of education thus started degrading as there were not as many teachers according to the children in the school. The financial position of the companies though remained in a proper state, but the remunerations provided to their staffs were not adequate. The small non-profit making organizations were more aggressive in paying off their profits to their workers. There was a difference in quality. The corporate chain management of the organization did not expect the shift of these children to ABC Learning. The company went on operating its way and thus resulted in the financial and operating problem in the organization. Another reason in the growth of this organization was due to policies of the Governm ent. The fall in the economic and financial problems of the organization came into existence during universal financial crisis during the year 2008, which had a long- term impact of the company. The company was aware of the misdeeds it committed during the time of expansion and if it had rectified then, such a time would not have come. The primary reasons for the downfall of ABC Learning are as follows: Financial Disparity The financial conflict in the organization was one of the major reasons for its downfall. According to ACCC, the destruction of this institution was mainly due to financial miscalculations rather than increased rivalry in the market. The financial mismanagements in the sectors of high debts and abnormal acquisitions was another relevant issue. The company also provided false financial information, which attracted more investors and a good loyalty base in the market for the industry which became unrealistic at the time of global crisis. At the time of financial problem in 2008, the cracks in the infrastructure of the organization came into limelight, and the ordinary customers became aware of their misdeeds. The subtle crisis opened the eyes of the Government of all the countries, and they became more alert about the malpractices of the organizations. The financial reports and statements provided by ABC Learning showed that their assets consisted of mostly intangible assets like operating licenses etc. The operating license having such a significant part in the asset of an organization made doubt in the mind of the Government and finally the Government decided to set up an investigation team to realize the value of these licenses. It was thus found out that the operating licenses, which the industry claimed to be of high value, in reality, did not have any value at all in the trading point of view. This was a malpractice used by the organization to attract investors from the market to invest in their shares and thus increasing the price of the share. Thus it was determined that ABC Learning was guilty of fraudulent financial practices, and thus the value of all the shares fell, and legal steps were also taken against the organization. Transactions The organization was able to rise to such a promising position with the help of related party transactions, but the mistake committed by the organization was due to abidance of the corporate governance rules. There were many related party transactions made by ABC Learning to increase its share price during its booming period. For example, The industry-sponsored the basket ball team named Brisbane Bullets. But the organization confirmed that these transactions were not related to the organization, and there was no concern of the industry regarding these transactions. This example of poor corporate governance led to the extinction of the confidence of the investors in the organization. Thus it can be seen that ABC Learning grew like a phoenix in a short time span and collapsed like a pack of cards when the damaged structures came into light. This showed that the management of the industry was ineffective to control the growth it was having because it focused on growing avoiding to strengthen its root through proper ethical and corporate governance. So from the above study, it is found that the company collapsed due to financial malpractices, but this mistake was made due to lack of corporate governance (Jones, 2016). Recommendations From the above analysis, it is for certain that every organization requires a sound corporate governance internally so that a good supervision and monitoring will eliminate the chances of avoidance of responsibility and also creating a sense of responsibility within the management. The financial stress and liquidation of these companies were indirectly due to a lack of corporate governance because a good supervision and evaluation of these principles by the industries would not have led to this present condition. Conclusion The above assessment of these three organizations reflects that all the three industries collapsed due to their ineffective and inefficient ethical and corporate governance frameworks. HIH insurance, ABC Learning and One Tel company each had different problems all together one having a poor governance, and the other two having financial stress due to incapable corporate governance. So it is in the opinion that a proper corporate governance model is essentially required by the organizations for a smooth running of the industries and being competitive in the market. The best routine for corporate governance is primarily needed to provide good financial achievements and optimize the returns to the investors. The cases of these three industries illustrate that corporate governance is way over the common guidelines in the market. HIH had a remarkable supervision model, but it was ineffective where as One Tel and ABC Learning disrespected the good principles of corporate governance. All the organizations neglected the periodical evaluation of their corporate governance. Such liquidations of these companies led to the creation of new codes and rules introduced by the Government to avoid such cases shortly conserving the feelings and sentiments of the normal citizen of the country. Reference List Beekes, W., Brown, P. and Zhang, Q., 2015. 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